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Where do photographers get their cameras repaired? - Russia and CIS Region

(Статья на русском языке)​​​​​​​

Few months ago we, the Cameraventures team, launched the project #saveanalogcameras, to see if the photographers are interested in the analog photography and to see the its future.

During the work on this project we interviewed about 250 russian-speaking photographers, who still are shooting on the film. All interviewed people are representatives of different ages and citizenships. Majority of them, obviously, are living in Russia, but also there are people from Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia and other countries.

In this article I wanted to discuss the most serious problem that can happen with the camera – it is breaking. Despite the fact that old analog cameras were made for years and they are hard to be broken, still they as much as other things can be broken. And it is an headache for photographer – where can he find a specialist, who will fix his Rolleiflex or Leica? To answer this question we launched the project #saveanalogcameras. When I ran through the results of poll and asked some colleagues for advice, I understood that the majority of interviewed people prefer to fix their cameras themselves or just finds specialists on different forums. Somebody send their cameras abroad, just because there are a lot of services.

I think, the easiest way is to look for the specialist on forums or in special-oriented communities in social networks (f.e. In big cities there are still some repair shops, there are not much of them, but still there are. Somebody complained that it is hard to find place in Russia where to repair their cameras, and somebody complained that service is awful.

Unfortunately, that is true. In times, it is easier to buy a new analog camera, then find a place to fix an old one.

That is why I think that the most serious problem for analog community nowadays is to find a place where to fix an analog camera.