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Where do photographers send their cameras for repair? - DACH Region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)

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The Cameraventures team launched the „Save Analog Cameras“ campaign to look into the current status of film photography in the world and forecast its direction in the near future. Out of the over 4000 form entries that we received from all countries, 244 come from the German-speaking countries of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland (as of 04.07.2017). From these group, 211 entries were answered using our English-language form and the remaining 33 were from our German-language form. To our fellow German-speaking analog photographers, we are very thankful for your participation and contribution to our movement! If you haven’t yet filled up our form, you can do so here:

One of the things that attract analog photographers to their cameras is their reliability. While this is true to an extent, there will always come a time when even the most reliable and durable of cameras break down and need repair and refurbishing. Hence the presence of camera repair shops is crucial for the flourishing of the analog photography ecosystem – whether these are run by former employees of camera companies, certified craftsmen, or fellow hobbyists.

In the DACH region, there exists a good number of repair facilities that repair both analog and digital cameras. However based on our English-language submissions, many photographers have yet to send their cameras to one, or do not need it yet as of answering the form. On the other hand, the German-language form tells a different story: 27% of the respondents say they would repair their cameras themselves, 18% would look for either a local or an online-present repair shop, 13% would find a hobbyist repairman, 11% do not need it yet or do not know a repair shop, 9% look for a forum or camera club member who does repairs, and 2% would send it to the manufacturer for repair, or look into the classified ads in a photo magazine. Recommendations for camera shops include Paepke Fototechnik (Düsseldorf), OM-Doktor (Hamburg), Fototechnik Wiese (Hamburg), Host Photoservice (Bönningstedt), Kameraservice Dortmund (Dortmund), and Kameraservice Ostkreuz (Berlin).

Based only on the German-language results, we can see that the desire to do everything by themselves extend to the care and maintenance of their equipment, before sending them off to be repaired in a brick-and-mortar repair shop (either locally or to one with an online presence). Since most of these self-repairers communicate with other photographers through online forums, information becomes increasingly more available online, which may be able to fill in the gap left by the ever-decreasing number of actual camera repair facilities, which are mostly run by aged people.